SEO – It has been a fun ride!

While we are still providing SEO Services, the writing has been on the wall that we need to begin diversifying. We’ve always been able to be super-efficient and profitable (for ourselves and our clients) doing SEO, but with Amazon virtually killing off the mom and pop businesses and Google showing more and more ads we are choosing to shift gears and become a “web solutions” company.

Great Advice

My late Aunt Danusia once told me that the key to the survival of her computer business was to always say “yes” and sometimes she had no idea how she was going to do whatever she had just said “yes” to. Moving forward, that is our plan at Adaptive Web Solutions.

10+ different services have been added under our “Web Solutions” dropdown.

For 20+ years I’ve been doing just SEO. I expect adding all of these web solutions will help us become a better company not just for our current clients, but our future clients as well.

In Conclusion

This is all bitter sweet. Bitter that I couldn’t go into retirement doing just SEO. But sort of exciting seeing how the future could actually take me out of the day to day business where I can eventually someday sell the company and officially retire. I feel like this is one of the big steps in doing so. I’m 52, and my youngest is 8 years old so I have quite a few years left.

I’m envisioning having one person in charge of each division (aka type of service). For right now, it is just me and I’ll need to figure out how to make all of our web solutions somewhat profitable. The same way I figured out SEO 20+ years ago.

Sort of feels like I’m stepping into the Big Leagues.