Do you want a “think-tank” on your team? Here is evidence that is what you get from me – an auction for SEO Services!

For those that aren’t already aware, I have been the sole SEO Contractor for Puget Systems since March 2003. They recently decided to move a different direction and didn’t feel SEO was as needed for them at this time. As such, I reached out to a few custom pc companies and heard back and talked to upper management with several of you each showing significant interest.

Here’s the Plan

The top bidder by March 31st closes the deal. The bid is what you are willing to pay monthly, for a two month minimum (starts April 2022). After that it is cancel at any time – which puts the onus on me to perform. The higher the bid the more aggressive I can be at dominating the market.


About Auction

When placing a bid, please use “Anonymous” as the name if you would not like it to be listed. For your email please use best contact email as that is not shown publicly. The bid will need to be $500 over whatever the “Current Price” is showing.

Anti-sniping elements are in place so any last minute bids will extend time of auction – better to get your bids in early. Thank you!

SEO Services

Here is a list of the types of services that would be included,

Ranking Report

Here is a sample ranking report, which will be manually updated every 60 days. I do this manually as I want to see what the end user sees and make sure everything is as clickable as possible. At $3,000 per month this will end up being about 100 keyword phrases, increasing as the monthly spend increases.

Commission Share

Please also see the Commission Share option at this link. If anyone were to send me a current $3,000 per month commission share where I had the option (with successes) to double or triple that amount I would immediately take this auction down. Please reach out to me,

Payment details

Please overnight first payment at close of auction so we can start working together immediately. Ongoing terms will be Net 30 Day with billing going out on the first of every month.

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